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Alex Turner

Alex Turner

A former Post Business journalist, Alex writes a weekly column on business and enterprise.

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Alex Turner: LinkedIn improving the way we do business

Social network moving from a gimmick to a business tool

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Sky-high business rates are putting huge pressure on the retail sector

Alex Turner: High streets need to be more attractive to attract shoppers

High streets which are thriving are those which have embraced that idea of being a destination

Alex Turner: How do we match business needs to teenage aspiration?

Google boss Eric Schmidt once quipped that teenagers have two states: online and asleep.

The Red Devils in action

Alex Turner: Businesses supporting community

Old market towns roll up their sleeves

Johnson Service Group Executive Chairman John Talbot

Johnson Service Group sells facilities management arm for £32.2m

The Runcorn-based drycleaning to textile workwear hire business has sold the division to Bell Rock Bidco for up to £32.2m


Alex Turner: Why do bookshops still exist?

NOT far from the statue of David Lloyd George and the imposing figure of the castle, down one of Caernarfon’s pedestrian streets inside the medieval walls, is a book shop that is – like all of the others – being besieged by the forces of digital retailers, discounting and disinterest.

JK Rowling

Alex Turner: Don’t lose sight of the fundamentals

JK ROWLING’S use of a pseudonym is a case study into the raw power of a brand.

George Osborne visits second Mersey crossing site to give go ahead to £430m bridge

Alex Turner: Just us tell the truth – we can take it

GEORGE OSBORNE, according to one political commentator, has come to the conclusion that in the case of any future tax changes, one big hit is preferable to having to fight lots of smaller battles.

Alex Turner

Alex Turner: Companies need a culture that can respond to change

It was described, in one of the more polite editorials in British newspapers, as the “first wholly satisfactory act of nationhood”.

Is the Commercial District BID value for money?

It's that time of year where the Commercial District BID team demonstrate they know where to find you by sending one of two annual communications.

Alex Turner

Alex Turner: ‘Human’ skills are often overlooked

FOR all the many fanciful statements that appear on LinkedIn, I’ve yet to see “after three years of study, Alex is now fully humanised”.


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