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Ben Hatton: Marketers getting in the game

Games help marketers use  content in a fun and entertaining way

Firms could race ahead if they learn from games like Wipeout HD Fury

GAMES have enormous marketing potential if used in the right way.

They allow brands to combine promotion by using entertaining content in a fun and engaging manner and gamified technology makes an app more appealing. 

Using games as a way to engage users and promote a product or campaign is not new, and the number of brands using a game-based app is growing daily – technology research company Gartner states that as many as 70% of Global 2000 organisations will have at least one gamified app by 2014.

Skill-based games motivate users to play them over and over again as they improve each time it is played and the mechanics encourage the user to keep playing to continue unlocking new characters.

Metro Trains’ “Dumb Ways To Die” game is a good example of a gamified app supporting a campaign – in this case – a health and safety message. And Metro Trains, in Melbourne, said it saw a reduction of more than 30% in the number of “near-miss” incidents   following the success of the campaign.

Those loyal to coffee chain Starbucks are rewarded by its visually simple yet effective gamified app with only one way to earn rewards.

The customer receives a “star” each time a purchase is made. The more bought, the more rewards received until the virtual coffee cup is filled.

It is important that brands which decide to develop a gamified app, develop the right type of game for the company. Some companies lend themselves more easily to this type of app than others, but the variety of different games mechanics means companies can easily produce the best one to fit its purpose.

Internet entrepreneur Ben Hatton is founder and managing director of digital agency Rippleffect . Follow Rippleffect on Twitter @rippleffected



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